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Computer forensics is both an art and a science.  The science uses sound and proven methods using hardware and software to acquire and examine data from a variety of products that store digital data.  Any device that can store electronic data is capable of being forensically examined.

The art is the forensic examiner's knowledge of how to use a variety of forensic hardware, software, interpret and verify results, produce meaningful reports and provide expert testimony that is easily understood by attorneys, judges and juries.

Anyone can purchase software and hardware "forensic tools". The quality of your results is determined by the experience of the examiner, the proper use of forensic hardware and software, and, in-depth knowledge of the type of data being examined.

FCSI has the experience and knowledge to perform professional examinations. We use the same, primary equipment and software utilized by most Department of Justice agencies and follow procedures generally accepted in the computer forensics field regadless of the type of case you have.

We have processed hundreds of cases and are well equipped to perform examinations regardless of where you are located.

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Data from computing devices is becoming a key element in winning cases today. Gaining the upper hand in the courtroom requires professional data acquisition, analysis and reporting.
Our professional staff have over 30 years of IT experience and 28 years of "hands on" data forensics including the design and programming of some of the first forensic recovery software in 1982.

FCSI has over 20 years of experience in the design and installation of wireless radio systems and surveillance equipment.

Our technical expertise and track record combined with the latest forensic tools make Forensic Computer Service a leader in data forensics, security and investigations.

Concise, expert testimony based on strong foundations has been given in multiple Federal and State courts for cvil and criminal cases.

Computer-based products are constantly evolving with new hardware and software devices, FCSI stays up-to-date with technology to ensure our clients receive the highest quality of service.

Our investment in high speed processing systems and professional software give you an advantage in having your case processed more quickly than others.
Our portable lab forensic systems are designed for portability and power when you need work done at another location.

Forensic Computer Service is licensed to perform both Private Investigation and Computer Forensic Services.

professional services

A partial list of areas we provide services for include:

  • Bank,Securities and Insurance Fraud
  • Cell Phone Analysis & Location Mapping
  • Computer Espionage
  • Conspiracy
  • Copyright Infringement
  • Corruption, Bribery & Extortion
  • Corporate Risk Assessment
  • Cyber Counterintelligence
  • Data Risk Management
  • Divorce, Child Custody and
    Family Law

  • e-Discovery and Litigation Support
  • Federal Drug Crimes
  • Homicide and Murder
  • Internal Corporate Investigations
  • Internet & Internal Hacking
  • Internet Sex Crimes
  • Intellectual Property
  • Mail and Wire Fraud
  • Computer Malware Analysis
  • Non-Compete & Theft of Data
  • Polygraph Testing
  • Private Investigation Services
  • Sex Crimes
  • Recovery of Data
  • Video Surveillance Forensics
  • White Collar Crimes

Cellular Tracking - The Facts

(Typical Cell Phone Tower & Antennas)

Even with your cell phone's GPS turned off you are being "watched" every time you make or receive a call, text message or use data such as browsing the Internet, sending and receive Email and any other "app" that uses cellular data.

Cellular phone companies keep track of your usage primarily for billing, however, there is additional data included in the information they collect. With this additional information we can show the geographical areas the phone was used including a timeline of usage and location.

Many other factors come into play. FCSI is a leader in cell phone data mapping with wireless radio communications experience since 1996.

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FCSI Discovers "Gameover" virus 2 years before FBI announcement

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