IN LATE JUNE, 2019 Kim called UDF after finding a $1,200 charge from AMAZON on her American Express card.  The day before she had received security alerts from GOOGLE on her GMAIL account and immediately changed the password to her GMAIL account.

What Kim didn't know is the perpetrator had also ordered a $1,300 MacBook Pro from AMAZON that had not yet shipped.  UDF was able to get this order cancelled since it had not shipped yet.

Two days later Kim had fraudulent charges on her CITIBANK and DISCOVER cards - from MICROSOFT STORE and GOOGLE.  This followed a series of notifications from vendors her EMAIL address and phone number had been changed - allowing the per[etrator to purchase even more items without her knowledge.

After receiving a new AMEX and DISCOVER cards someone got into her online accounts for these providers and changed contact information on the new cards - before the card were ever used.  Somewhat mystified at how someone could penetrate Kim's security after UDF changed all passwords and locked her accounts down, further investigation was needed.  UDF solve the mystery in less than 10 days and the findings are DISTURBING:

Her home computer had been compromised with a virus that turned on Windows "REMOTE DESKTOP", created access for the perpetrator to her PC. How did they get her passwords?
The answer lies in her CHROME BROWSER data where account numbers, passwords and other information is securely (?) stored.  The perpetrator downloaded the CHROME information to their computer and essentially got all usernames, account numbers and passwords she used.

This is the short version - many Email's and text alerts to Kim from card providers and GOOGLE went on during the 10-day period.  UDF secured her computer, all accounts had their passwords changed, new credit/debit cards were issued and charges billed were disbuted as fraud.  It is not an easy task to fight someone you don't know - the cyberattacker.  Kim can sleep the night now without worrying about her accounts.

HAVE YOU BEEN BREACHED?    -    Or do you know yet?