Today's computing technology has opened up many doors for remote access to your servers, desktops, phones, tablets and other computing devices.
Personal "spyware" is easily purchased on various web sites, however, the majority of these software packages are detected by anti-virus programs and are easy to remove.

The real threat is the software created by the "underground" hacking community which produces software that is exremely good and virtually undetectable.

Reports of hacking and data theft are increasing, including breaches of U.S. Government servers.  Universal Data Forensics has recently examined a number of cases specific to hacking and data theft.  There is a dramatic increase in corporate theft of data by employees leaving their employer and those that have left planting remote access software to breach these computers and servers after their departure, as well as taking data with them prior to their departure.

Good anti-virus software and positive corporate implementations of firewalls and other prevention methods are are certainly needed, however, the "underground" hackers develop spy software that is virtually undetectable by anti-virus programs.
In these cases UDF has software and hardware which will be deployed to capture network activity in an effort to  identify the source.  We will work with your internal I.T. staff as well as law enforcement as needed to identify and remedy the problem.

As electronic technology continues to grow the "underground" hackers will develop updated or new spyware and continue breaching servers and workstations to gain control of this equipment to steal data and disrupt normal operations.