Forensic Computer Service utilizes the primary investigative tools used by law enforcement and the private sector world-wide.

FCSI has over fifty other software tools which provide you additional data.  Some of our tools are proprietary and designed, programmed and developed by FCSI.

All cases are processed with strict procedures in place to ensure all evidence and findings will be accepted if your case litigated now or in the future.

A few examples of data we can obtain and process include:

  • Existing and Deleted (unerased) Files
  • Files that have been deleted from the recycle bin (unrecoverable by other methods)
  • Internet History of web sites visited with dates and times
  • Reconstruction of web pages visited
  • Deleted and Existing still images and movies
  • Documents commonly used in a business environment
  • Data from financial programs
  • Cross-reference of data between different media
  • Timeline of Activity

Many additional processing methods can be used based on your requirements as each case is different in scope.

Production of results may be formatted to your specifications.  Reports will be produced upon request.